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Friday, January 09, 2009

Burger King says..who needs friends and family or real connections when you can have 670 calories with 41 grams of fat, 44 grams of carbs and 30 grams of protein slither down your throat and into your arteries? Real love is pressure on the arteries not that warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone comments on your facebook photo! Join burger king and ditch 10 people on your facebook friend list for fat saturated death! Maybe if we ditch 30 they will help us pay for the angioplasty!

Click the beef to read the article.

This seems very aggressive and counter productive in the whole SAVE AMERICAN FROM OBESITY that we need to be on. Not sure how encouraging even sublte disconnection with people and replacing it with food is going to make mankind better but I guess when we have a need for the almighty dollar so high....something has to give. So, what we give up is humanity, right? "Sorry casual acquaintance, I appreciate your supportive comments on my pages. I loved the jokes you shared that made me laugh....but i am going to have to let you go. " While laughter and human companionship has been shown in studies to even increase our life expectancy nothing is more important than saving $1.99....right?

Perhaps if they offered to give a free whopper for adding 10 people of common interest there would be a bit more love for the King from me. However, to me this is an obvious ploy to target sales back to the fast food industry when everyone right now is lining up at the gym hoping to finally stick to their new year resolutions. Hhhmm..I wonder how many will drop entire diet groups in order to get that free 670 calorie burden into their belly.....

As for me, I will keep my facebook friends..maybe I will send them all a note today thanking them for being on my friends list in fact......

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hey! I thought you may be interested in hearing this podcast by JR Smith of Why would you be interested? I am in it, that is why DUH!!
Ok, seriously it is a fantastic start to his new series "What Fat Attacks-How to Fight Back"

I will be updating with the new releases he has as they arrive.

Thanks for reading and for listening!!

When Fat Attacks Part I

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well the traditional winter holidays are almost upon us once again. The New England Journal of Medicine went so far as conduct a study on the winter weight gain to prove it a fact or a myth. The study concluded that we do in fact gain holiday weight between the months of November to February; also reporting we do not normally LOSE that added weight over the course of the following year. So each winter we add fluff to our body and do not burn off that fluff in the warmer months. You can see how this adds to the uphill battle of the bulge for a lot of us! So…how do we prevent that?

Come on…you should know the answer by now…PLAN! It is not like holiday treats are sprung upon you at your relatives, or in your own home and office parties and you have no idea what you should do. Panic sets in and you eat and eat and eat…ok no that is not what you do. I also don’t think self deprivation is the answer at all here. So, here are some tips as well as a yummy recipe to share at the next party you go to in order to help stave off the holiday blubber and increase your focus on your own fitness journey. (the NEJM calls this “self regulation methods”)

Weigh yourself daily
Starting your day off with a measured weigh in gives you a basic start point each day. A number you can keep a close eye on and keep in check when you walk by the party foods and prepare your own holiday feasts. Knowing the number is steady or even lowering is a good motivator to keep you looking forward vs. sliding that belt looser as you belly up to the buffet.

Water it down
We all know…drink water to help mobilize stored fat. Keep a tally of your water intake. Drink water before the office party, at the office party and after the party itself. This helps keep you full and of course the walks to the bathroom offers you an extra calorie burn as well as time away from the snacking table.

Eat before you go
Have your planned healthy meal making sure it has good amounts of healthy fats to keep you fuller longer. Keep the protein in to make sure you have that feeling of eating something with substance, don’t look for celery sticks to save you from the rum cake!

Caffeine Rush
Have a nice hot cup of coffee in your hand. The caffeine will help suppress appetite, enhance your mood and the warmth of the coffee will give you a sated feeling in your belly as well. Just be sure to skip the super sugar and fat laden drive up varieties. Adding a dash of cinnamon to the java gives you more of a festive feel and a slight metabolic boost. YUM!

Sample the Menu
By now you KNOW calories and serving sizes and what is too much and what is a sample. So, don’t be afraid of the food just choose wisely! Have small tastes of 3 or 4 foods that you just can’t seem to take your eyes off of. It is OK to sample, I give you permission. You won’t gain 100 pounds from a small sampling of treats and you know how to work those samples off in the gym.

Here is a wonderful recipe that you can also prepare to bring with you. You can share your fitness journey with your companions AND enjoy a rich seasonal dessert try our Pumpkin Custard.

Last but not least, remember you need to be accountable. You can utilize our fitness forum 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and always with no charge. You can ask advice, offer advice and look to find more motivation and encouragement that you DO need to have success on your fitness journey. Studies do show people are far more likely to stick to a program of diet and fitness if you are held accountable outside of your own self. Imagine it like we are all following you around watching you pick your food choices and making sure you get to the gym to get your workouts in……we are stalking you into wellness!

With all that said, please enjoy your holidays and remain honest and true to your own goals. I am always just an email away!

In Health

Maureen Jeanson

Your Fitness Journey

Co-Author to Squeaky Gourmet

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Human behavior is a fascinating thing to watch and try to understand. How people respond to external influences such as parents, peers, siblings and even strangers. I have been watching this show on the A&E channel called “Intervention”. I am sure you can imagine what the show is about just by reading the title but let me give some more explanation. Each episode begins by introducing the addict and explains to the viewer what their addiction is. We have seen alcoholics, meth, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills, aerosol spray and even people with eating disorders. The show unfolds and there is ALWAYS a reason for the addiction. No I am not saying excuse, I am saying reason. In some cases it is one single traumatic event, other times it is a series of ongoing abusive situations that cause the person to turn to a chemical release from their internal agony. Some cases, though, are what seem to be small events over time that add up to the person being in such turmoil they also turn to some fort of relief from their own struggle with life. Each and every addict that has been on the show, all the triggers and tragedy have occurred in childhood. Each and every single situation has been a direct result of something in their childhood. Something as small as being in a Christian home and town and being homosexual to growing up watching your mother be beaten by your father day in and out can lead these people down a very destructive path when they grow up. They are all running away from, burying, hiding and trying to destroy their own self to get an escape when they begin their destructive behaviors and eventually the drugs take over and they are now a victim to the chemical.

This show makes me think about my children and my relationship with them. I think about how our minds and emotional health develop and mature and really just how fragile children are. I also see the same pattern in these drug addicts that we also see in food addicts. That, to me, was fascinating to connect. The voice inside of you which drives you to eat the foods you know are not on your current “diet” but the pull to eat them is very strong. How many of you can hear Oreos or chips if they are in the cupboard? How many of you have an emotional trigger from certain foods and you just love them even though you know they will not allow you to lose weight. Sure some people are thinking “Ok my mom’s apple pie is fine for me to eat, Moe. I am not an addict” and you are most likely right. There are others who know I mean a deeper draw to food than just a fond memory of apple pie scent and warm crust. I am talking about almost the blind eating we can do when we have that certain food or even group of foods that trigger our food addiction. So, this leads me to think….where did the food addiction begin? For me, and for you, what started it? I know my childhood events and really at times I feel it is nothing short of a miracle to not have been a featured person on Intervention. I am lucky that I am not and my path took a different turn when I was just 16 years old. Though, that is the same age where my relationship with food really began. I would starve, I would binge I would exercise till 2 in the morning. I have done almost every diet and have tried every junk food that came near my mouth. I have eaten in private and hid the food wrappers. I have felt shame from not being able to control my urge to eat the foods I have eaten and I have purged food out of guilt as well.

Internally, that is where my work is. It has nothing to do with the food or the diet I pick or the exercise because if I do not work on myself internally then I will still be fighting an addiction to something vs. curing my own emotional response. I needed to stop the self abusive pattern with food and diet and learn to address the injuries of my past. Is that where you are? Are you in denial of a food addiction and still believe you just have no will power or that there is something wrong with you? Do you look for food as an escape from something? I know when I am deeply stressed I still want to eat junk food for that chemical reaction in my body and if I had all I could eat dangerous amounts of donuts could be devoured. Sounds funny when worded that way but thinking logically about it…..that is an addiction. So I am asking you..if you have an emotional reaction to food that HAS and IS holding you from your fitness and health are you possibly fighting an addiction alone?

Here are a few none and listed symptoms of food addiction.
• Obsessed with thoughts about food.
• Eats to relieve worry or stress.
• Feels anxious while eating.
• Worries or feels anxious while eating which results in more eating.
• Feels guilty when they overeat.
• Hides food so they can eat in secret away from other people.
• Goes on a food binge after dieting or after trying to cut back.
• Sees food as something to be avoided or as harmful.

If you feel any of this applies to you I would encourage you to seek counseling and support to get to the heart of the matter. You can be free from your internal dialogue of guilt and anger and self abuse. You can find a way to be happy and healthy and stop struggling with food every time you open the fridge or head to the super market.

I am an email away if you want or need to talk to someone about anything.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok! So the water is falling off my body now with the return to clean eating and a.....D-I-E-T.
I am hungry today so extra fat will be swallowed to prevent the carb cravings that usually follow me around.
Heavy DL is tonight rather than last night. I ended up on a road trip to pick up some reserve copies of Squeaky Gourmet to ship out. I was asked to take pictures of me near the book ( ok holding it I am sure) and I will post those later today as well!

I have some serious injury thing in my right wrist and arm right now. I am not sure how heavy the DL will be tonight but I will try my hardest for pulling up those 3 plates off the floor again.

Biggest Loser is on tonight!! WOOOHOO...I love that show!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So today is day one of stop gaining any weight ;)
I had a fantastic summer "cut" and when I lost the amount of fat and wore the size of clothing I wanted to wear I moved to maintenance calories. Ok, but I forgot that maintenance is still tracking, counting and making sure my energy input ( eating) matches the energy used by my body. So, I have gained back a few pounds, nothing major. However it is so crucial to make sure I keep these pounds in check and not let them get too far ahead of me. I do not want to sit there with 20 pounds I have to lose AGAIN.

So, today I am buckled back in to a diet for a little bit and then when I move back to maintenance I will TRACK MY INPUT VS OUTPUT!!!

My family has been toying with the idea of becoming "gluten free" in our kitchen. We have a history of celiac disease in the family as well as autism under our roof. There has been such great information out there now on the effects of wheat on the digestive tract and what it does to the body when the body says " No thank you" to wheat but you eat it anyway.

However, gluten free is EXPENSIVE! I have 5 kids to feed , bills to pay and hello we all know what our economy is right now so I decided to do some research on how to go gluten free and not go broke making cookies. We have an international market near my house. Lucky Star in Somersworth NH. When you go there it is seemingly a hole in the wall store. The enter door is on the left, the exit door on the right . The electric door has a sign that says "door moves slow PUSH HARD" and boy they are not does not move. When you go in the store you see a lot of boxes cluttered about, ninja gear for those times you engage in mortal combat ( which seems to be more common than I originally thought judging by their array of weapons) Walking around the corner past the weapons and soda bottles which have symbols as labels and no English translation you are greeted with the produce section.
Avocados as big as my 4 yr old's head-.99 cents each. (the fruit not the 4 yr old) 20lb bags of basmatti, jasmine, red and brown rices all under $10. This same rice is over $2 a pound at the grocery market. They also sell for pennies on the dollar all the ingredients for making gluten free baking flour. Rice flours, tapioca flour etc. All for literally dollars on the pound less expensive than the market place I normally shop at.

While I was there i also bought a 5 pound bag of raw peanuts for $5, smoked eel to see if Mr G will eat it (he did, it smelled like canned cat food to me though so I was not impressed) coconut spread which tastes like macaroons. No idea what to use it on but it was under $2 for a large jar. It would be fantastic on ice cream ( I am on a diet, on a diet on a diet) or drizzled over a cream pie ( I SAID I AM ON A DIET!!!!).

Anyway, I estimated what would cost us over $25 to buy at the grocery store would cost us under $10 at this international food hole in the wall. I will be going back! I would encourage you to look around your area and see if you may have an international hole to shop in as well. I was excited for new food ideas and the possibility of saving considerable money while shifting to gluten free fare. I also need to learn several different languages before I am tricked to buy bird spit soda again. Yes, we bought soda and tasted it only to find has bird spit in it.
It is called Bird's Nest and well..I did not think it had BIRD NEST in it....this reminds me of when I was a young girl and ate head cheese when my father offered it. I thought it was just parents still laugh about it and I am still working it out in therapy. is a gluten free flour recipe you can put together rather easily and spend less money than if you were to buy those specialty boxes of gluten free flour that has enough flour to make a few pancakes but certainly not enough for a Sunday morning breakfast for my army of a family!

Gluten Free Flour
2 cups white (or brown) rice flour
1/3 cup tapioca starch
2/3 cup potato starch (not flour)

1 tsp guar or xantham gum per cup of mix.

oh and just a reminder, gluten free does not mean healthy. Peanut butter cups and nachos are gluten is bird spit soda and head cheese....see my point?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I was talking with a friend of mine about finding our motivation to workout and eat right when we have taken a break from our fitness journey. How do we lose that motivation and how the heck do we get it back? Every spring we begin to plan our diet to make sure we can fit in the summer clothing we are soon to be taking out of our closets. We pinch and poke all the new fat stores we let settle in on us while the winter months let us cover ourselves with wool sweaters and long johns. (Hey I live in New Hampshire, it gets cold..we wear long johns) We start to regret the extra helpings of the comfort foods that warm our souls and bellies during the off season. Wouldn't it be great if we did not have to fear the summer by setting up safeguards NOW before the comfort foods and snow storms become the norm.

Have you gained back some of the weight you have previously worked hard on losing? Have some how lost that motivation to stay the course to a healthier you? Lots of people do. This is a life long commitment in a society that does not embrace or allow a healthy lifestyle. You can't go to a drive-thru and order carrot sticks and a protein enriched salad. You won't find your local fast food offering sweet potato fries or an avocado side dish. You have to make extra time to plan and prepare in this fast paced world and it is easy to back slide. But everyday is a new day and an opportunity to begin anew.

Sometimes you just have to hunker down and plow through the right steps in order to find that motivation you have lost. You may WANT to be motivated right now but you just are not. You may be thinking " Man, I was so excited when I began and i made good strides as well. Why is it so hard to focus like that right now?!?!" I think everyone at some point or another has been in that exact mind set. Some people end up totally giving up and return completely to old life habits and food addictions and others continue to struggle and once again are able to refocus and plug back in. Which one will you be?

Because no matter what you do, how much weight you lose or gain and how many gym trips you skip or do, it was ALWAYS a choice. You can choose to let it all go and return to the unhealthy state you were in or you can just put your effort in to go through the right steps and start your journey again. It is ok to take time and wonder what it is you want for a goal or for a focus but while you are looking for a goal just start with the right steps. Dedicate time to being more active, just 2 times a week to start with. Stop eating the foods you know will do nothing to feed your body the way your body needs to be fed. Pick whole foods over quick processed foods. An apple is just as convenient as a donut. A handful of raw almonds is just as filling as french fries. Don't allow yourself to think you do not have time or opportunity to eat the right foods. So take some steps to make sure your food choices are clean whole foods and you make sure to move your body at least 2 times a week. Who CARES what your long term goal weight is at this time, do not waste time trying to figure it out while you slide further and further back from your initial weight loss success!

So, remember, we all have been there at some point or another. The key to getting back on track is just doing it and stop waiting for the motivation fairy to visit you. Pick healthy whole foods over processed foods and make an effort to move your body at least 2 times this week.

Soon you will feel healthier and your body will be grateful for the exercise and healthy nutrients and you WILL BE MOTIVATED to go further!

Come join the forum and let us know where your motivation is. Do you need a reminder of the right steps? Need to share how fantastic things have been and motivate some others? We are eager to hear from you!
Take No Prisoners Forum

Friday, September 01, 2006

HEY! I have not run off to join a circus act or anything! I have been working hard on the new site design as well as starting up my online coaching program etc. I am going to be "blogging" on my own site now so please change your bookmark settings to this link
Moe's Blog
Hope to see you there!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

There are about 300 million people in America....almost 200 million are classed as overweight.....of those 1/2 of them are classed as obese...and the number keep rising. Like a flood coming towards you and you can see it and you have a chance to be free from the deadly power of it or you can succumb and be like everybody else...dying from your bad habits.

out of 300 million people 2/3 of them are dying from an outrageous yet preventable realize of those numbers some of them are CHILDREN!!!! CHILDREN!!!!! We are passing on deadly habits to your son have a cigarette and some beer, your 8 and you deserve it for cleaning your room.....WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!? 10% of our preschoolers are classed as over weight.....our 3-5 yr olds....15% of your pre-teens are fat, 15% of our teens are even fatter....LEAVE THOSE POOR CHILDREN ALONE!! It is so hard growing up normal as it is, then cripple them with a food addiction, lack of physical activity and then blame them for no motivation, slug like behavior and their ADD problems

70% of adult onset diabetes in the United States is attributed to the friggen expanding waist line...Type II kills people.

Americans spend over $33 BILLION each year on weight loss products.....and we are STILL GETTING FATTER! 25% of those same money spending, quick fix seeking Americans admitted to spending NO TIME in physical activity....25%!!!!! 14% of those 25% say they can't recall the last time they MOVED THEIR ASS!!!

Stop killing yourselves, killing your children....there is no such thing as a fat gene..there I said it..THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT!!! We have not changed our gene's in over 100 years yet Obesity is climbing faster than the thermometer on a hot morning in Texas....

I won't be going down that road, my children won't be going down that road....I will fight till the end, i will take no prisoners.....I will win the WAR a battle at a time damn it.....